10 Tips For Sellers!

Before selling your house and/or property, there are a few things you need to know before going on the market. Since houses are important investments for buyers, they’ll want to know what they are getting into when purchasing a house; therefore, as a seller, you need to be prepared for the kinds of questions that a buyer might ask you and what they might want to discuss with you. Below, we have picked out some of the more important things that a seller should be ready for, such as knowing your property’s market information, it’s value, cleaning up and more.

1. Why are you selling?

  • First and foremost, most buyers will ask you this question as a general conversation starter but it also is an opportunity for them to understand who they are dealing with and what kind of house is being offered to them. 
  • Keep in mind, you’re not required to be extremely truthful as some buyers will ask you this in order to see whether or not there is much room for negotiating. 
  • However, at the same time, it’s good to get on the same page with the buyer, as it will make for much easier communication throughout the whole process in the future.

2. Disassociate yourself from your home

  • Understandably, this is a hard thing to do as a seller, but it’s quite necessary
  • There’s a lot of personal attachment, but selling your house is also a very important business transaction, so you need to treat it as so
  • Do what you can to make your property stand out against the competition!

3. Prepare your documents

  • Have your paperwork and documents prepared so that they are ready to be accessed at any moment (eg. when there are inquiries regarding your property, or when you need to show documents to your agent, realtor, or potential buyers)
  • Paperwork such as deed/mortgage satisfaction letter or copies of rental agreements, utility bills, tax bills, and such should all be prepared for the entire process. 
  • Additionally, make sure all outstanding town/city permits are closed out and building violations are cleared.

4. Clean up!

  • Remove as many personal items as you can so that potential buyers can envision themselves in that space 
  • Organize and clean the house; make sure it is/feels spacious as this will allow the buyer to further see themselves living in the house 
  • The neater and cleaner your home looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.


5. Remove your movables!

  • Take down any curtains, lighting fixtures and pack away storage boxes in order to get them mixed up with the property you’re selling. 
  • These items are not only distracting but are probably not apart of what you’re selling, so get rid of them.
  • Let in as much natural light in as you can; this will make the home more appealing.


6. Repair/Replace

  • Any cracks in the walls, any broken or outdated appliances, and any problems with the house need to be fixed up as soon as possible
  • Paint the walls, paint the doors, lacquer the floor, and replace the appliances.
  • Ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for potential buyers
  • The newer it feels, the more attractive it is.

7. From the outside in

  • The first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of the house so be sure to make it look nice since it will be the buyer’s first impression of the place.
  • Things like the front yard, curb, corridor, need to be cleaned up (as long as that’s in your control).
  • Mow the lawn, rake the leaves and plow the snow; any minute clearance of clutter will make the property feel so much fresher and welcoming.


8. Staging

  • Pathways created by the decor and furniture is important to creating a flow to the house.
  • Don’t clutter too much, it will make the space in the house feel smaller and thus create a restricting feeling within the house
  • Small things like adjusting the window blinds, putting the toilet seat down, arranging a couple of flowers, and such will go a very long way
  • It’s important to be very meticulous with this aspect of selling your house since these are main determinant factors as to whether or not your house is kept well


9. Business

  • Be professional. 
  • Arrange times to meet with your agent, with buyers, and to stage your house. 
  • Make sure you are almost always there to meet potential buyers as it will create a better relationship and bond between you and the buyer 
  • However, it’s also recommended to let the realtor/agent do the work and field the questions; they can meet with you in private to discuss everything in specific. 
  • Above all else, make sure you are warm and welcoming, and that your house is the same — maintain the cleanliness, day in and day out.


10. Smile!

  • Be friendly too.
  • Don’t forget, this is going to be someone else’s home, so you want them to be as comfortable as you were when you initially bought the home. 
  • Be kind and be open to any conversation. 
  • Building a strong relationship with a potential buyer could ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether or not you sell the house.
  • So always make sure to smile!


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